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Welcome! This is the new mobile-friendly version of my website.

Over the past 2 months I’ve had time to think and develop my ideas. Time moves quickly – in the past 18 months we have witnessed the rise of Trump, an aggressive backlash against regressive left-wing ideologies, and a surge of anti-semitic memes. Much of the credit for this goes to guys in the 15-22 age range.

Solomon Tor-Kilsen is now ready to establish his own website and I’m willing to provide to him technical and strategic support. Once Solomon has established a website, a forum, and a membership registration page, we will then move to phase 2. Phase 2 is my proposal to recruit young men and for this we will need good marketing and good dog-whistling.

Solomon’s group fills a void in right-wing activism. Better still, it has an ideological backbone, centred around ideas that teenagers can relate to. Solomon already has a better organisation than the National Front – his supporters are younger and he talks about many topics, instead of only one.

Massive growth depends upon 2 conditions. First, a reliable online presence. Second, courage of members to recruit. I’m ready for a co-ordinated chalk campaign later this month. Details will soon be released. This year or next year there might be a UCSA club, dedicated to studying the personality and politics of President Trump.

The times – oh they are a-changing! Within 5 years we will get thousands of kiwis to discuss right-wing views in comfort. No longer will the regressives be allowed to harass our supporters.

Solomon’s group believes in the human spirit above all else, and Christianity is definitely permitted. Anything that crushes the human soul must be abandoned, so leave your pornography at home, leave your dildo at home, leave your Flesh Light at home – we’re taking you down to the mother fucking camp, the re-education camp of Solomon Tor-Kilsen! Where you’ll be forced to learn about traditional societies and how to find a good wife. Now let’s get this movement going my niggers!

Published February 2018