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Since the job market is rubbish (mostly 12 hour shifts without a 2 day weekend) I've decided that I have a better chance at making a job for myself. It's more realistic than spamming applications to companies that refuse to state the hours of work.

Eventually I'd like to get a camcorder, tripod, unlimited internet and $20 a month web host plan so that I can upload interviews and panel discussions on important topics. I would accept Bitcoin donations and New Zealand Dollars. Vinny Eastwood has managed to fund himself on donations alone and does not need social welfare to pay for his operation, so I thought, why don't a group of guys like me get together and do a similar thing?

New Zealanders are hungry for the truth, but few are willing to speak out against the corruption of the state. If more guys like me spoke out against this sick and twisted system then it would become significantly more acceptable and we could make a decent living off it too. Solomon's South Island Indepence Movement is highly successful on Facebook. We just need to move these ideas into the real world, and support it with interviews and videos.

The best thing about running this website is having people call me 'nuts' or 'insane' or 'mental' and having them say "Jeff's gone too far!" and then, I go even FURTHER, to the point that people crack mentally because they realise that they cannot control neither me, nor the truth.

The fact is that the economy might be doing well on paper, but many of us aren't seeing incredible wealth in our bank accounts. Good jobs are scarce and we're expected to eat shit. Is it really controversial to say that we are suffering the effects of a national crisis?

The government is brainwashing teenage girls to have multiple sexual partners and to "explore their bodies" while telling them not to have children, because MUH CLIMATE CRISIS. By taking a "pill" that causes infertility, these girls are pissing out oestrogen into the sewer system which turns the frecking frogs gay. Contraception CAUSES environmental issues while offering a nil gain to women (they'll die lonely with no legacy). Instead of having less of life, have more! Technology will provide the answer to the myth of over-population.

The ultimate hypocrisy is when university-age girls say that, on the one hand, there is over-population in New Zealand and there is no room for more children, but on the other hand, bring more blacks, browns and asians here and let them have children. So are we overpopulated or not? The propaganda of overpopulation is primarily targeted at White women during their prime birthing years. This is an intentional plot.

Idiots can tell me to go to counseling all they want but that's what men do when they are losers. Did the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville go to counseling? NO! They took to the streets like WARRIORS. An example for all men. Stand and fight, or die on your knees.

What makes a pussy get wet faster - a soyboy whose head hangs low, who accepts counselling, or a man who takes matters into his own hands? The extreme-right has nothing to lose, and victory draws nearer with each day. If I accept counselling and blame myself, then the only pussy I'll get will come from a fat single-mother who has bi-polar disorder, and I'll have to pay her bills and raise another man's children. Alternatively, I can go to Russia and marry a woman with no tats or mental problems.

In New Zealand you'd be lucky to get a midgety Tinder-slut from Vietnam. Even if you get one, she'll expect you to pay for everything (transport, food, tickets to shows) and then after 6 months of regular sex she goes back to Vietnam because her work visa expires. I don't mind paying for things, but if there's no loyalty then it's worthless.

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