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In my latest broadcast I talk about New Zealanders and their apathy, the poor construction standards and the stupid prices, and the fact that we are just cogs in an evil system, forced to take on temporary jobs that never guarantee a good life. I also explain that by SPEAKING OUT we can fix these problems, by rejecting the system and cooperating with like-minded people.

22nd of November 2018: solutions to New Zealand's problems.
October 2018: God Bless The Collapse
August 2018: society.wav

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Consider reading my latest writing (3 pages) about the poor state of political debates in New Zealand and the lack of platform choice.


a shout to my unofficial comrades

I'd like to give a shout to Dominion Movement in Wellington, who have been writing articles on their website lately. They're a right-wing youth movement with nationalistic opinions. They have a website (

ps. Trump made an important 2 minute statement in early October about the fact that it's a scary time to be a young man in America. Learn why he said this by watching his statement, unedited.

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