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Welcome! This is the new mobile-friendly version of my website.

I have learned to write properly and today I wrote a document about the Kiwi Kampf or should I say the National Socialist struggle here in New Zealand.

Download my document either in Libre Office format or PDF format

My writing has been sent to other National Socialists in New Zealand and one guy has already said that he agrees with all of my ideas (which I didn't expect). So even if I dropped dead at this moment at least my writing will be re-worked and promoted without my involvement. It has a life of its own now.

My inspiration for this latest writing comes from emotional video interviews and inspirational music. Every time I begin to feel depressed I just watch one of Hitler's speeches on my phone and I'm fine again. It's like magic. Our standard of living is so bad right now and it's even worse in America, in the states it's like the fucking Weimar Republic. Is it any wonder why all the Whites are getting fashed up? We're sick of being robbed by international bankers and globalists who refuse to acknowledge our humanity! Australia has jumped on the bandwagon and we need Adolf Hitler's ideas more than ever.

Published April 2018