[PINNED] Degeneracy Reaches Its Twilight (October 2017)

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Source: Vox

For too long feminists and communists and other degenerates have denied the existence of their Hebrew controllers, while boldly spreading their degeneracy. They think that we will be intimidated and alone, but men will rise up and become men once more. Feminists and communists are nothing more than degenerate freaks and finally their bad behaviour is isolating them. They portray guys like me as sexist or racist, but it is the Heeb agenda that is truly racist and sexist. They want to destroy White people, and when a working class White male asks "how do I find a loyal wife" the feminists just cackle and snicker and say "why don't you watch pornography and masturbate with a fleshlight instead?" um ... because our race is beautiful. Unlike Jews and feminists, we want White men and women to have an honourable existence together, not a disgusting one that revolves around watching TRAP porn and being mentally ill. Feminists claim that they want good things for women, but the truth is that they shit all over women. Feminists and communists spread evil that leads to an unsatisfying existence. Is it just a coincidence that feminists support homosexuals and pornography, while opposing Christians and decent people who just want to live a good life? What is the true goal of feminism, hmmm?

(this article was originally posted in October, now it has been pinned due to its timeless quality)

Merry Christmas

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(Riccarton House)

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Essential Reading - Mark Collett

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Tuesday, 12/12/2017

Today I learned of a man named Mark Collett who authored a book titled: The Fall Of Western Man. Naturally, the PDF "e-book" is available for free and redistribution is encouraged. I recommend this book to anyone who wants the West to have a future. We are being conquered by stealth and the apathy must stop!

The Reason Why So Many Chicks Are Paranoid These Days

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I met a lot of chicks who are easily spooked even when they know me, and even when I know their family. It doesn't seem to matter how decent and honest a person is - women prefer smooth-talkers and liars who have anti-social personality disorder, and men who falsely claim to be ex-Navy Seals. There is a historic precedence for the surge of female paranoia that we witness today. Look back to the 1970s and 1980s and you'll see why - the murders of Georgeann Hawkins, Janice Ott and Denise Naslund. It's ironic that women trust men who are use superficial charms, soft voices and pleasant personalities. It is these traits that are frequently seen in serial killers and fraudsters.

With social skills in decline for nearly 20 years, what future is there for the millennial generation? I hope that Generation Z will find a solution and get us away from our computer screens and our pretentious, snotty and conceited behaviour. In the meanwhile I will fantastise about the goodness of the 1970s and (to a lesser degree) the 1980s. To be entirely truthful the 1980s wasn't all fun-and-games, the degeneracy of the time took a toll on people's sociable nature. I recall reading a book about Metallica's history, and how in the 80s young women were sometimes invited to parties by a stranger. The catch is that if you were an attractive woman who wanted to enjoy a party, you had to let other guests enjoy your body. Otherwise, no deal.

Sadly, these days it is assumed that if you are a male, therefore you must also be a sexual predator. I am told by my friend Peter that I come across as very reserved, though I would say that I smirk and blush a lot. Whatever the case, people do not trust a person with a reserved look, nor do they trust someone who smirks or blushes (the latter is presumably seen by some as a sign of weakness). My life frequently changes, sometimes I am reserved and unsure, other times I am happy and smiling. That is pretty normal if you ask me!

If I was good at telling lies and if I had The Gift Of The Gab (Trade Mark, Ted Bundy Inc) then no doubt I would be very popular - but naturally, no-one has a perfect smile and a perfect personality, unless this is a mask ... an acted-out persona, to cover the lies and deceptions of the psychopath. If someone seems too perfect, then they probably are.

Here are photos of a few victims from that murder spree that I mentioned.

Janice Ott
above: Janice Ott


Denise Naslund
above: Denise Naslund
Georgeann Hawkins
above: Georgeann Hawkins
Another photo of Georgeann Hawkins


It is tragic that all of these women were murdered, but today many more are murdered in spirit. Many women become feminists, and then they want only to become pornstars, prostitutes, pole dancers or corporate executives; rather than good friends or decent members of the local community. Chicks are so paranoid these days and everyone hides behind their phone or their PC, not to mention that gender relations are at an all-time low. I'm going to fix this over the next few years by doing small things on the side but I don't want to give it too much thought, I have lots of other things to work on too.

NZ spies know Trump colluded with Russia (fake news)

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Actually, the claim is that Five Eyes knew, and somehow that makes it about New Zealand LMAO!

The problem with this story is simple - if it were true, this would have been broadcast to the world on January 20.

Funny how Five Eyes "knew" this but kept silent for years.

Men Who Boast About "Respecting Muh Womans"

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I sometimes worry about guys who "toot their horn" and boast about how much they respect women. If a man respects women, then why would he have to advertise that fact to everyone? Maybe he wants special attention?