Don't Cure Autism; Prevent It!

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Thursday, 24/08/2017

I am disturbed by an article on August 24, which reports that a 2 year old boy with diagnosed with a spectrum disorder. Every mental disorder has become a spectrum! Conveniently, this means that pharmaceutical companies have access to a larger market of customers, many of whom are under 5 years old. Experts insist that autism is a genetic disorder, yet they cannot find the gene responsible. They say that there are "thousands" of genes associated with autism but they will not disclose what these genes are, or who may be at risk. I personally believe that autism is not a genetic disorder, but rather, it is a disorder caused by too much television exposure. Scientists should find if there is a link between television exposure and autism in 1-2 year-olds. If they cannot cure autism, then they should work on autism prevention. Although breast cancer is often genetic, most cancers are related to lifestyle choices. Is autism a disease caused by bad lifestyle choices? If we answer this question then we will save billions of dollars!

This is my latest letter to the editor.