Chapter V of my manifesto

Posted on: Saturday, 26/08/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

I never expected Trump to win the election in November 2016. Like Julian Assange, I too believed that something would stop him. I didn’t invest any hope in the election until late in the evening on the 9th of November. To add to the discomfort, I was at Pom’s Pub with an American. When the American and I walked past the TV at around 7pm or 8pm, the situation was dire for Hillary Clinton – her loss was almost certain. Although Trump’s bombing of Syria was a distressing betrayal to many of his supporters, it looks like Trump is performing well so-far, despite petty accusations levelled against him. Trump has allowed for the formation of White unity: sexism and casual racism is cool again, thanks to Trump. Now we have the perfect situation to undermine, harm and destroy the cancerous Jewish influence in American society. Feminism, socialism and garbage like Media Matters and Mother Jones are now a joke. Every White male under the age of 40 knows that our society is being torn apart by drugs, pornography, feminism, divorce and other forms of degeneracy – all of which is pushed by wealthy Jews through the entertainment media that they own. Although Trump is no authoritarian, many of his fans are, and that is something I’m proud of.



I’ve met a few guys who’re under 20 years old who are pro-fascism; but I have yet to meet a Generation Z male who is a cuckold for the feminists and their stooges. Internet-dwelling activists are captioning photos from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, for use as memetic propaganda. Many Gen Z and some millennials have woken up to the fact that our society is sick. The Jew media constantly incites conflict between the sexes in order to reduce the birth rate, and this is now as clear as daylight.

In the new fascist society we’ll put our money where our mouth is. We’ll change our lives to aid our cause. There won’t be men like the 22 year-old spree-killer, Elliot Rodger. Generation Z males will understand that many women withhold sex and use verbal abuse to get what they want from men. Instead of bowing down, I hope that the new generation will read the Bible, and find meaning in life through whatever constructive means they discover. Instead of being led around by their sexual insecurities, men will learn foreign languages and marry the best women from Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

Feminists, many of them with demons in their heads, will continue to provoke male sexual insecurity. They will promote obscene pornography and dress like whores in an attempt to corrupt us. They may even shout ‘virgin’ from their car window at our supporters. The feminists won’t stop until every White woman is barren and poisoned with birth control pills. They will keep manipulating and lying until the last White person dies – our race extinct! This is the goal that feminists admit to.

Therefore, feminists are not our companions with whom we will bear children, they will not fight by our side. Instead, the feminists have aligned themselves with Jewish entertainment media and corporate behemoths. The goal of feminism is the extinction of the White race and the end of Western civilisation. A feminist bleats ‘misogynist’ when she doesn’t get her way, yet the feminist sheds no tears for women gang-raped in Islamic nations. She does not care when women sell their bodies on Manchester Street and become addicted to synthetic drugs and methamphetamine.

On the other hand, fascists value the nature of a woman well-raised by her parents. Fascists understand that modern society is trash. They understand that hiking in the wilderness with friends is the true way to enjoy life. No ‘dildos’ no “artificial vagina products” no “edible body-paint”, none of that filth. We shall not stop until we achieve absolute purity.