[PINNED] Degeneracy Reaches Its Twilight (October 2017)

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Sunday, 15/10/2017


Source: Vox

For too long feminists and communists and other degenerates have denied the existence of their Hebrew controllers, while boldly spreading their degeneracy. They think that we will be intimidated and alone, but men will rise up and become men once more. Feminists and communists are nothing more than degenerate freaks and finally their bad behaviour is isolating them. They portray guys like me as sexist or racist, but it is the Heeb agenda that is truly racist and sexist. They want to destroy White people, and when a working class White male asks "how do I find a loyal wife" the feminists just cackle and snicker and say "why don't you watch pornography and masturbate with a fleshlight instead?" um ... because our race is beautiful. Unlike Jews and feminists, we want White men and women to have an honourable existence together, not a disgusting one that revolves around watching TRAP porn and being mentally ill. Feminists claim that they want good things for women, but the truth is that they shit all over women. Feminists and communists spread evil that leads to an unsatisfying existence. Is it just a coincidence that feminists support homosexuals and pornography, while opposing Christians and decent people who just want to live a good life? What is the true goal of feminism, hmmm?

(this article was originally posted in October, now it has been pinned due to its timeless quality)