The Hypocrisy Of The Mainstream Media

Posted on: Thursday, 03/08/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

It's incredible that the MSM can make a huge deal over nothing. Now international media outlets are covering the 'appalling' question that Jacinda Ardern was asked (is she planning to have children). The idiots ask: "why do they ask this question to Jacinda Ardern, but not to a man?" geez fuck I have no idea, maybe it's because having a child is more personal for a woman than it is for a man? Anyway all bullshit aside - check out this podcast regarding pesticides and how chemicals in the food and water are turning people into transgender freak-shows. There is shock and outrage over very small things, yet there is no outrage over dropping fertility rates, breast and prostate cancer, or the high number of 'autistic' (read: retarded) children. It's time for us to reject the idiots in Parliament and find our own way to make more money, and therefore, be able to afford more organic food (and hopefully not die of cancer)