The Hypocrisy Of The Mainstream Media

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Thursday, 03/08/2017

It's incredible that the MSM can make a huge deal over nothing. Now international media outlets are covering the 'appalling' question that Jacinda Ardern was asked (is she planning to have children). The idiots ask: "why do they ask this question to Jacinda Ardern, but not to a man?" geez fuck I have no idea, maybe it's because having a child is more personal for a woman than it is for a man? Anyway all bullshit aside - check out this podcast regarding pesticides and how chemicals in the food and water are turning people into transgender freak-shows. There is shock and outrage over very small things, yet there is no outrage over dropping fertility rates, breast and prostate cancer, or the high number of 'autistic' (read: retarded) children. It's time for us to reject the idiots in Parliament and find our own way to make more money, and therefore, be able to afford more organic food (and hopefully not die of cancer)

Why Hate Donald Trump?

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Monday, 24/07/2017

I don't understand the irrational hatred towards Donald Trump. Sure he's said a few provocative things but that doesn't mean he's bad. I won't form an opinion on Trump for another two years. So far I like the diplomacy. I didn't like that Trump bombed Syria but he has stopped funding terrorists who are fighting Assad. Denying funds to terrorists was the right thing to do. Time will tell whether or not he's a good president.

I thought it was hilarious how the far-left reacted to his victory. Even in New Zealand there were anti-Trump protests, and silly "wymen again Trump" protests. None of these protests changed a damn thing, the protesters made fools of themselves.

Drupal 8 Is Fantastic

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Sunday, 23/07/2017

I did a few hacky things this afternoon and now Drupal loads pages much quicker. I also found how to extend the preview, so now the "read more" isn't required for most of my posts. Though it is ambiguous as to whether the user should click read more or not. I'd like to make master pages from now on, then it's always the case that you will click "read more".

Drupal 8 FTW!

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Wednesday, 12/07/2017

When I first started using it I thought that it was really slow but now I don't have that problem. The web site works, it effing works! Anyways check out this account I'm following on Twitter, she has 6 children and the lefties hate her! Too bad I have nothing interesting to report lol

Preventing Political Correctness And General Faggotry

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Friday, 07/07/2017

This week is hosting a meme contest. They will be giving $20,000 USD to whoever can make the best meme about CNN and Trump. The video of Trump beating up CNN in a wrestling match should be all over our news, along with follow-ups on new developments. New Zealanders are too soft and they require toughening up. Let's begin by mainstreaming memes!

It's funny how being a PC-faggot is mainstream in New Zealand - because the term political correctness originates from communism, and in Russia today they have abandoned both communism and political correctness. Yet we still believe in it. In my opinion, the only correct thing to do, politically, is for one to raise their right hand in the air and shout SIEG HAIL (or, Hail Victory for us English speakers).

By luck, I watched a TV programme last Sunday which focused on young White women drinking themselves to death. I was shocked. These young White women should be getting married, cooking steaks for their husbands and making White babies. Instead they are drinking cheap, nasty vodka that's made from fake ethanol and cooked in a vat in London (Smirnoff). The worst part of our society is that men are forced to support retarded feminist behaviour, such as adultery, drunkenness and generally being barren, God-hating whores. In our country, if a woman doesn't get what she wants then it's sexist.

Long-Term Goal

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Friday, 30/06/2017

Before the end of 2017 I will disclose information related to a 'project' of mine which is a long-term goal. It is something that has been on my mind since 2010.

Guitar Amps And Cabinets

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Wednesday, 31/05/2017

So this afternoon I looked at a range of guitar amps and cabinets - Vox, Black Star, Fender, Marshall. Everything. I really like the fact that Marshall manufactures some of their cabinets in the UK. When I change priority back to music in 2-3 years I'll probably buy some Marshall equipment. While bored I also found videos from a great Megadeth concert in Bulgaria, back in 2010. Of course, if we want a proper metal scene in Christchurch then we must ditch the shit, and by shit I mean things like Metal Society at UC along with the disrespectful, drunken and retarded behaviour that is often displayed whenever there's a gig.

My Old Car

Submitted by jeff_mitchell on Tuesday, 30/05/2017

I'm not really sad that I sold it, because I'd rather have more money in the bank. I'll buy another car within 3 years, maybe not a sports car though. That photo is just a thumbnail, you can get the original 6,000 pixel resolution copy, which looks a lot better.