Guitar Amps And Cabinets

Posted on: Wednesday, 31/05/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

So this afternoon I looked at a range of guitar amps and cabinets - Vox, Black Star, Fender, Marshall. Everything. I really like the fact that Marshall manufactures some of their cabinets in the UK. When I change priority back to music in 2-3 years I'll probably buy some Marshall equipment. While bored I also found videos from a great Megadeth concert in Bulgaria, back in 2010. Of course, if we want a proper metal scene in Christchurch then we must ditch the shit, and by shit I mean things like Metal Society at UC along with the disrespectful, drunken and retarded behaviour that is often displayed whenever there's a gig.

My Old Car

Posted on: Tuesday, 30/05/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

I'm not really sad that I sold it, because I'd rather have more money in the bank. I'll buy another car within 3 years, maybe not a sports car though. That photo is just a thumbnail, you can get the original 6,000 pixel resolution copy, which looks a lot better.

Worth Reading

Posted on: Saturday, 20/05/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

19th of May 2017

Posted on: Friday, 19/05/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

So as usual I'm not updating this web site much. I want this web site because it allows me to host stuff with pretty much zero censorship - which is great for fighting political correctness, the biggest illness of our time. I had thought that maybe I should write more about programming and technical topics but I'm not interested in turning this Drupal web site into a CV or a blog about anything specific. Anyway here is an update of the past week.

Dabbling in Linux

I tried the XFCE Spin of Fedora Linux but the damn thing gave me an ACPI error. I doubt there's a way around it. Fedora is supposed to work, and when it doesn't work, then I try something else. I've settled with Xubuntu 16.04 as an alternative, I'm dual-booting with Xubuntu and Windows 10. For some reason Xubuntu made pop-ups about "errors" when I first logged into the desktop, I clicked report and it has gone away for now. The most irritating part is that sometimes I cannot do package operations because something else has a lock on that resource. Mind you, it's probably an auto-update and I doubt it'll be a recurring issue. I'm going to keep trying Xubuntu so that I don't forget about Linux.


I looked at the job requirement of a specific company (to show a guy in my class) and the company required knowledge of Perl and Ruby. I looked up Perl today because this company was on my mind, and apparently Perl is excellent for parsing text. This could be useful for me personally, should I wish to make an HTML generator thingy. I reckon that I could write my own cheap, nasty CMS using Perl. Think about it - you could give an ID to each post, and if there was a certain amount of things on your front page, at the time of script execution, then you could fark them off to an archive page. Just like in a real CMS. Only that you'd need to run the script manually or automate it with CRON.


It has become impossible for me to describe my political views, because I have many opinions on many things. I haven't mentioned this publicly but I'm really impressed to meet guys who're 10 years younger than me who not only hate feminists, but who would most likely never marry a feminist, either. There's a generation of folks that's growing up in a world where nobody has social skills, and no-one knows what dial-up internet is. But I digress! Back to me, my ideology is the ideology of gas chambers. I think that if New Zealand really wants to progress then we should construct gas chambers and load 'em up with politicians. Honestly it'd solve a lot of problems! :-) ................ windows what's wrong? Why is my enter key not working? I wanted to start a new paragraph and write a conclusion. Arrghhh what the hell. One day I'll move away from Drupal.

Update the next morning: It's probably Edge Browser. It hasn't hit a glitch recently, until now.

Reality check on 'IT' salaries

Posted on: Wednesday, 03/05/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

The NZ Herald's article says that more women need to get into technology jobs because the average salary is (they claim) $100,000. In reality the average salary is probably not even $50,000. Depending on the company that's hiring and what they want, they can pay over $40,000 for a new employee, if the person knows a specific language very well. That doesn't mean completing a degree, it means doing the practical stuff.

Feminist Banshees Spew Their Bile Once More

Posted on: Monday, 01/05/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

God-hating feminist whores are at it again - complaining that there aren't enough women leading major technology corporations. How about they drop their $100,000 gender "science" degree and do a diploma in software engineering? No woman can become the CEO of a major corporation, unless she starts at the bottom. Which, funnily enough, is what most men do

patriarchy gif


Posted on: Saturday, 29/04/2017 By: jeff_mitchell

Programming is going pretty well for me so far this year and yesterday I added a solid-state drive to my PC. Uhhmmm ... I don't update this web site very often. The main reason I have it is because having a web host plan and a domain name allows me to have my own email address with no advertising, plus it's all hosted in New Zealand. On occasion I host stuff too, like documents or memes. Sure, Google Drive lets you host documents but they nag you to have a Google Account and all that rubbish. I'd rather avoid it, or at least have the fall-back option of being able to avoid it.

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