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Budget to middle range

Post by jmitchell » December 20th, 2018, 11:39 am

A budget security system costs very little. Jaycar Electronics on Gasson Street and Oliffs Computer Specialists on Straven Road both sell a range of cctv products. Jaycar, being a much larger store, likely has more in stock at any given time.

Mitre 10 sells a Swann camera which records anything it detects

(update, February 2019, the Swann app has not received updates for an eternity, don't buy Swann products that rely on an app, because they never update the app and it may stop working in the future)

The cheaper systems usually accept an SD card and they stream to your smartphone so you can check on your valuables while you're at work or at a friend's place.

Updated 23/12/2018: the Wyze camera has a motion sensor which sends alerts to your phone. I haven't tested it yet but you can control the sensitivity. TP-link is the other cheap brand but I don't know how it compares.
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