Canterbury district commander puts resources toward solving burglaries

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Canterbury district commander puts resources toward solving burglaries

Post by jmitchell » February 16th, 2019, 4:15 pm

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Here are comments by Stuff readers from the Stuff website:

So sad. I am sorry for these people. And they shouldn’t think they will get anything back. People who violate other people and their property have no conscience about it. No morals. And simply don’t care at all. They will wait till things are replaced with the insurance money and break in again. It is a common occurrence.
No surprise, burglars know they are either unlucky or incompetent if they get caught. Clearance rates for burglary are very low given the number of cctvs, recorders, car cams and alarms around.
A game changer is needed and that is a log-in website where footage can be viewed with the aim of identifying people of interest. It would need to be supported by greater police power to seize footage.
#3 - political commentary but still 100% truthful
Even if they are caught, under Andrew Little's proposals they would probably be given counseling, told they were naughty & sent home. Unfortunately politicians seem to think burglary is minor because victims get an insurance payout. In fact its a home invasion & should be treated as such. Just because the home owners are not around does not mean the crime is less invasive or has less impact.
Sounds like there no neighborhood watch, getting to know your neighbors there. Neighbors should get to know there neighbors and they could keep an eye on each others properties while way at work or on holiday.
Looking at windows and patio doors in NZ compared to here in the UK the lack of security is noticeable. ALL our windows have multi-point locking with a metal frame around the edge of the window locking into a metal frame in the window frame. The windows (double glazed) have vents which can be closed or open and can be locked ajar with insurance council approval.

It's the same with outer doors. Look at UK police videos, they don't try and bust locks with the ram any more, they go through the door panels instead. The pressure in the double glazing units is such that cutting or breaking the glass sounds like a gun going off and all the burglars know this. Burglaries are dropping as more and more people secure their homes. Council and Housing Corp houses have been upgraded thus as well.

With the inside key pushed home in the lock the lock cannot be unlocked or picked from outside, especially if you rotate the key. When leaving you have to pull the inside key out a bit to lock the door. No burglar is going to go through the door panel to gain entry, takes far too long and makes too much noise.

I have absolutely no worries about being burgled here but staying with family in NZ the dangers were obvious. NZ houses are a burglar's paradise. People need to start insisting on new windows and doors with proper security.

No way should a locked window be able to be forced open.
Totally agree since working part time I’ve seen how busy my driveway is ! Last caller was “looking for James” another holding a dog lead looking for a lost dog and another one actually at my door until he saw me and said he’d come to the wrong house number ! When the house number is on the letterbox at the bottom of the driveway it’s an obvious lie. We have now installed CCTV. Hard to do in a rental house though unless landlords allow?
There are still homeowners who don't realise that the people who knock on their doors saying they are looking for so & so, a lost pet, or other such excuse, are looking for empty houses to burgle. Their game is to look and sound plausible.
That stray person that wanders down your driveway is not lost, they are likely to be an opportunist.
Photograph them or their vehicle, and definately contact the police with a description. Also useful to alert others via local FB groups etc.
Number 7 is the best comment in my opinion, except for the part where they mention Facebook groups. Why do people want to use websites that have "sponsored content" when they can use my website for free, without needing to give their DOB?

Burglary is a very important crime to crack down on, but the courts are soft on it and the police don't prioritize it. A criminal deciding he/she will go into your house is a criminal deciding to commit reasonanbly serious crime and also take the risk of confrontation. So many criminals who then rape etc have a burglary conviction. By catching and properly punishing more burglars you may reduce number of serious offenses. Also you will already have their DNA if they do carry on to committ really serious crime.
Noisy alarms are sensible, but how many neighbours react to them? security cameras that run on wifi and send instant alerts to mobiles are very effective. And ones with speakers add another level of “who are you and what are you doing?” to the mix.
Great comment here, for recommending cctv. Also - if your alarm goes off are you certain that a neighbour would be home, and not only hear it, but take photographs of the burglars? A better option is to have a MONITORED alarm, but don't go with First Security because they suck. Sub 5 is probably the best but I'd consider ADT ArmourGuard too

100% of burglaries happen because there is no deterrent. Most burglaries happen because the offender was allowed out of jail a few months after committing their last burglary.
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