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Letter to muslims

Posted: April 5th, 2019, 6:22 pm
by jmitchell
I blame the governments of the world for the rise in hatred. The governing class of the West were desperate to destroy Assad's government in Damascus, so they armed and trained terrorist groups to overthrow him. It failed, and all we got was millions of refugees in Europe. The politicians themselves live in mansions and have armed guards - they would never live among refugees! So it is the working class neighbourhoods that house the refugees. The politicians blame the poor for hating the refugees, but the politicians caused the problem in the first place. Now the politicians see the rise of ISIS (a manufactured crisis) and refugees (another manufactured crisis) and the politicians want to protect us, from the mess that THEY made to begin with! Of course, when a lone psychopath kills without any emotion, then the one who holds the gun is guilty under the law, but many others are morally culpable. Many people are short of empathy, or they are simply nihilistic. It's a combination of technology and the age we live under.

You'll be interested in this work by Der Spiegel (it isn't about ISIS) ... 26861.html

This group and its subgroups want society to collapse into civil war. They see decay and wish to accelerate such decay. These people are called accelerationists.

The governments of the world have bankrupted themselves because they worship Satan and promote war, while neglecting the needs of the people. Candidate Trump promised to end wars; then President Trump launched missiles at Syria. He stopped because he was risking a nuclear war with Russia. Violence and force is the language of government. It's all they know. They always want to invade another country or ban something they don't like. Nothing is done with consultation. Now extremist groups and ideology thrive in many countries because the governments of the world leave terror in every place in which they have influence. Muslims begin to sympathise with ISIS, because they dislike American policy of world domination. Likewise, white Americans and Australians join AtomWaffen Division or Antipodean Resistance because they were abandoned by their representatives in the Parliament/Congress.

Now the focus goes on 'casual' racism or so-called hate speech, but the New Zealand government retains a free hand to support bombing Muslims with drones and MoAB (mainly they support this with their silence) while pretending that bigger, more powerful government is the solution. Hypocrites! They look for an excuse to seize more power over their citizens. If the CIA hadn't blown up the Pentagon and World Trade Centre then there wouldn't be so much hatred towards Muslims. Western governments engineered this hate and made it mainstream, but they pretend to be against it, struggling to contain it. Who made games like Call Of Duty and Modern Warfare? Most of these games and movies use help from US Army personnel. They want the violence and weapons to be as realistic as possible, because it's used as a recruiting tool to desensitise people.

Since 15/03/2019 my hatred for politicians and their treason has only grown stronger. They'll call me an extremist, but there is nothing extreme about wanting peace and hating lawlessness, greed or nihilism. When I worked with a muslim 4 years ago, he prayed inside a truck because his usual spot had flooded with rain. I stood in the way so that nobody would enter the truck and disturb him. The media will make you believe that I'm the bad guy, that's how malicious government and media is. Journalists and politicians cheer-lead for wars. They kill muslims with their lies and their usage of words. They promoted their news channels and their political careers by spreading fear of Islam, now they claim to be sorry. I don't trust any politician, they are all snakes. I don't vote.

I've followed these issues for approximately 10 years. It's so convenient to blame things like racism or 4chan because they are difficult to define (who is 4chan... a bunch of 15 year old boys with internet connections?!) ......I blame governments, because they started this war on terror, and they caused the tensions that exist today. The evidence proves it. Very soon the United States will tear itself apart. The weight of their own poison will bring them down. There are no innocent governments or innocent politicians, only innocent people - those who reject war, fear and violence. Those who stay peaceful even when the government wants them to join the army, pick up a gun and kill... or riot against austerity, at the very least.

I'd write a shorter email but the problem is vast. If you or your members disagree with me then that's cool. Personally I dislike Jacinda Ardern and Simon Bridges et al. They are just puppets who wish to maintain America's one-world order, they follow Trump's instructions without protest. What is the difference between one who directly kills, and one who kills via proxy? No difference that I can see.

I hope that you will learn from the Spiegel article. Nihilism is the problem, not racism. Governments create nihilism and poverty. They do it through economic systems and war. Films and video games that glorify war are one of America's top cultural exports. How is it acceptable to glorify killing muslims in a video game? Somehow if the words 'muslim' and 'islam' are omitted, this makes it okay?

War profiteers

Posted: April 5th, 2019, 6:43 pm
by jmitchell
I think that the governments of the world want citizens to kill each other because the government can use this to divide the people, and gain more power in the name of security. Lots of money is made from war and arms industry contracts. No-one speaks of it! Why is that? It's immoral to profit from war. The media points the finger at gun shops, but they are happy with Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon and Boeing? I have many thoughts on this.