Down for maintenance, 3rd of January

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Down for maintenance, 3rd of January

Post by jmitchell » January 3rd, 2019, 9:53 am

Just before 10am on the 3rd of January the board was down for about 30 minutes because I installed a maintenance patch. Nothing interesting, trust me, but I have to update the board when there's a new patch especially if it's a security patch. In this case it was just another version number: 3.2.5 instead of 3.2.4.

I fixed the redirection stuff too. The board is now located in this directory

But you can still access is through all of the following

... it all redirects to the correct location so it's completely idiot-proof.

If I was *really good* then I'd have given advanced notice but nah I just update whenever. I'm pretty good at this stuff, the board is never offline for more than an hour.
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