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No conflict of interest

Post by jmitchell » January 4th, 2019, 1:09 pm

Some people have accused me of working in the security business. I am not a registered electrician, a salesman or a business owner. This message board is for the community.

Has anybody noticed how there are NO ADS on my website, unlike > 99.99% of OTHER websites on the web?

That's because this board is my own idea, and I did it because I want people to STOP burglaries as they happen, instead of reporting it to the Police and leaving it up to neighbours to keep safe. Safety is everybody's role!

Today I received an email by a person who accused me of working in the security business. In the next sentence, the person said that my chalk message "alarms them". Well I hope you are "alarmed" because I can't sell you anything nor can I install a security product for you. Nice pun btw.

I suspect you are working in the security business... this alarms me :mrgreen:

Yes please get "alarmed" if it isn't already the case :lol:
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