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Spreading the word

Post by jmitchell » January 3rd, 2019, 9:04 am

I've put out a half-dozen flyers* this morning and I also used chalk. This forum will get another 100 visitors over the next 7 days and if there are any burglaries then the whole neighbourhood will be aware of the locations and the pattern (assuming that people report the burglaries and attempted burglaries)

Remember - if someone knocks on your door with a dumb story or they "test" your door handle, get a photo of the person's face and post it on the forum. I don't think users have permissions to upload files here, if that's the case just email me - my email address is in the FAQ board.

*hand-written flyers this time because I missed a few driveways of units on my last go. My 1st distribution used 250 printed flyers.
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Re: Spreading the word

Post by Frilly Perduta » January 15th, 2019, 9:16 pm

you are right, I can't upload images here so i just upload them on my own site (not necessarily displayed there) and link them from here using the Image tool from the full editor.

I think one deterrent may be that people don't want to create a login account or use their real identity to post because they may then be targeted in real life by the criminal that they identified.

I use Wordpress for some of my websites and anybody with a Wordpress account can post there. e.g. https://melahi.online/wordpress/
I use Disqus on others (.e.g. http://angelica.x10host.com/ and quite a few people have anonymous accounts with Disqus.
They don't have to register again with me or provide credentials or use their real name even, but I do get enough information to be able to block them if they are disruptive or spamming.
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