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Post by Frilly Perduta » January 14th, 2019, 11:18 am

On neighbourly website, Jeff has previously offered to host political discussions here on his BB and I noticed this morning that posts had disappeared on a Neighbourly thread, which was a shame as they were good comments and even nice about me personally. 🙂
So it prompted me to come post here.
Note: Admittedly someone mentioned that someone else had called yet another person a 'Nazi' so maybe that's why it was the sequence was deleted, but I'm not going to sit in judgement of what was said, nor of the decision to censor it.

Part of said discussion remains. So I took a screen shot.
Alas further replies have been disabled so I shall reply here: The solution was given by Ghandi:
So.. anyway how do other feel about continuing political discussions from elsewhere in this forum here?

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