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Email to Simon Bridges

Post by jmitchell » January 2nd, 2019, 4:58 pm

Dear Simon,

Last year you suggested that the Prime Minister should have openly supported President Trump's missile strikes against Syria. Since that incident no evidence of chemical weapons has been found by the UN's OPCW. Russian journalists went to the neighbourhood where the alleged chemical attack took place and people were still living there. Furthermore, the residents didn't know of any chemical attack, they only heard of it through the media.

To complicate things even more, the facilities that were struck by cruise missiles did not store or produce chemical weapons. No evidence was found. If there really were chemical weapons in those buildings then the UN inspectors from the OPCW would have found proof. Given that President Trump has ordered a withdrawal from Syria, we no longer need to show support for America's reckless provocations.

It's possible that chlorine was used, but chlorine isn't a chemical weapon - it's like tear gas used by police. Chlorine can't cause a person to suffocate to death in 2 minutes.

Would you agree with me now, that the claim of chemical weapons (e.g. sarin, vx, mustard gas) was a hoax and that no proof exists of the attack on Douma? Surely you realise that the video of the alleged patients was filmed by the White Helmets - a fake civil defence organisation that only operates in terrorist controlled Syrian territory, and who have no connection to the real Syrian civil defence. If you think the White Helmets have a good reputation then look them up on YouTube. Netflix made a documentary to legitimise the White Helmets but they got 50% dislikes as well as many negative comments. Users pointed out that the White Helmets are nothing but a public relations firm for terrorists in Syria. Look up the White Helmets trailer if you don't believe me. These people have no credibility and they want US missile strikes in Syria. Of course they would release a fake video, alleging that chemical weapons were used against civilians. That's their agenda - to overthrow Assad just like Saddam and Colonel Gaddafi.

I fully support Russian, Syrian and Iranian efforts to eradicate terrorists from Syria. The use of barrel bombs, chlorine gas, and thermobaric weapons is legal and legitimate. Only a weak figure like you or Jacinda Ardern would support negotiating with terrorists. Terrorists need a bombing not a talking to! Research the Syrian war and see how mis-informed you were. This whole time the CIA was wet-nursing Al Qaeda while Russia bombed Al Qaeda, and many in the West thought that Russia was the problem.

Russia won the Syrian war and America is a divided country heading toward civil war. Don't forget it. Russia's military intelligence has already infiltrated the minds of American citizens and radicalised them through the internet. There's nothing you can do to stop it. America is a lost cause.

- Jeff Mitchell
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Re: Email to Simon Bridges

Post by Frilly Perduta » January 14th, 2019, 10:29 am

IDK if Trump has managed to withdraw the US troups yet, but here is SyrianPartisan girl giving her take on it:
Personally I think our government just spouts what ever PC sound bites they think will gain them "likes" and Trump Derangement Syndrom is still rife in New Zealand.
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