Wellington Anniversary

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Wellington Anniversary

Post by jmitchell » January 22nd, 2019, 6:58 pm

An article by Dominion Movement in Wellington


My comment...

Very informative.

The average person doesn't think about this as they slurp their StarBucks coffee while driving to the corporate office.

When I lived in Wigram a couple of years ago I once rested on a bench and I saw a plaque dedicated to a young lad who was killed in a plane crash in the 1950s.

Wigram had been an aerodrome for a long time and housed many light aircraft including acrobatics planes "The Red Checkers" for the Air Force, which I saw as a child.

As of the last few years, Wigram is now another bland, boring subdivision with narrow streets that no-one can park on. An "executive" townhouse with two bedrooms costs $600,000. One day history books will be written about the old New Zealand - before it was flooded with ethnics, and poisoned by ultra-capitalist ideas which robbed the nation, outsourced the wealth and made our people so busy that they vomit at the suggestion of going down to the library to read a book about history.
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